Pediatric Rehab

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The WeeFIM II® System is the most respected pediatric outcomes management tool in the market. Used by pediatric inpatient, outpatient, and community-based rehab programs, the WeeFIM II® System provides a simple, uniform construct that measures function in children. Based on the principal underpinnings of the FIM® instrument, the system allows clinicians to quickly assess functional status and track progression. It also provides patient-level data, profile reports, and program summary reports that demonstrate individual patient progress and overall program effectiveness.

Pediatric rehabilitation providers use the WeeFIM II® System to document the function of infants (0–3 years old), children, and adolescents with either acquired or congenital disease. The eighteen-item WeeFIM® instrument can be supplemented by eight enhancement items or the optional WeeFIM® Instrument: 0–3 Module, a questionnaire that measures building blocks to function in children 0–3 years old. The 0–3 module, which is completed by parents via interview or self-report, is very useful across many settings, including early intervention and preschool.

A subscription to the WeeFIM II® System allows subscribers to:

  • Track functional improvement and goal attainment for individuals or groups of children
  • Access meaningful national benchmark data
  • Evaluate program effectiveness and communicate with physicians and stakeholders
  • Generate helpful data and graphs to support conversations with families and caregivers
  • Network with other pediatric rehab providers and other collaborative organizations
  • Use respected assessment methodology and outcomes data to support Joint Commission and CARF accreditation efforts

A subscription to the WeeFIM II® System includes the following:

  • A secure, robust Internet application
  • National benchmark reports
  • Age-based normative expectations
  • Visually concise patient profiles
  • Clinical training materials

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