July Webinar Series: An outcomes-based approach

Sessions for this event:

Session 1: Laying the Groundwork: IRF-PAI Coding (three-part series)
Thu Jul 2nd, 2020 2:00 pm - Thu Jul 2nd, 2020 3:30 pm

Session 2: Laying the Groundwork: IRF-PAI Coding (three-part series)
Tue Jul 7th, 2020 2:00 pm - Tue Jul 7th, 2020 3:30 pm

Session 3: Laying the Groundwork: IRF-PAI Coding (three-part series)
Wed Jul 8th, 2020 2:00 pm - Wed Jul 8th, 2020 3:30 pm

Featured Event

Join us for the Outcomes-Based Approach webinar series!

Are you focusing on outcomes? If so, July is for you! Each of our July webinars builds off the previous one in order to help ensure that accurate data is being captured to represent your rehab program’s patients.

Together, these topics will help lay the foundation of your facility’s success, so join us next month for these important events!

  • Laying the Groundwork: IRF-PAI Coding: July 2, July 7, and July 8, 2020 (three-part series)
  • Using the Etiologic Diagnosis by Impairment Group Code Listing to Monitor Outcome Results: July 16, 2020
  • How to Use Your Section GG Outcomes Data to Improve Functional Assessment: July 21, 2020
  • Know Your Data: Key to Success: July 23, 2020

Click here for more information about the Outcomes-Based Approach series, including how to register.

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