The UDS-PRO Doc™ System combines the 2 requirements of documenting care and rating the FIM® items for the IRF-PAI into one task, helping clinicians generate accurate ratings. The system is designed to interface with other hospital information systems to improve efficiencies and eliminate errors and it is capable of warehousing as much clinical data as the facility desires. Its design also allows it to interface with electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems that may already be in use at your facility.

The UDS-PRO Doc™ System is designed to meet all of the very specific CMS requirements for IRF documentation that are not included in the most common electronic documentation systems. The documentation templates include FIM® logic which assists clinicians to determine accurate ratings throughout the patient’s stay. The IRF-PAI required Quality Indicator items are also included within the clinical documents. The system is designed to be able to efficiently review all required data and save the information directly to the IRF-PAI document. Administrator tools are included within the system to enable oversight of required tasks and timeframes to ensure compliance.

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