This past March, UDSmr officially joined Netsmart. As part of this acquisition, UDSmr's Education, Training, and Consultation (ETC) Department joined the advisory firm McBee, which is also part of the Netsmart family. We'll have plenty of exciting news to share with you in the future about these changes and what they'll mean for you, but for now, we want to tell you about an important change for our clients who whitelist IP ranges. (A whitelist is a list of safe, administrator-approved items, including IP addresses, email addresses, and applications, that users can access.)


As part of UDSmr's ongoing integration with Netsmart, UDSmr's products will soon move to the Netsmart Plexus Cloud (NPC) data centers. These products include the Subscriber Support website, the UDS Central™ website, and all of UDSmr's software applications. We know that not all of UDSmr's clients use a whitelist, but those who do will need to add UDSmr's new IP range to their whitelist by July 15, 2022.


How does this affect you?


If your facility uses a whitelist of IP ranges and you're responsible for maintaining it, you'll just need to add the following IP range to your whitelist by July 15, 2022, so that users at your facility can continue to access UDSmr's products once they move to the NPC data center:


If you're unsure whether your facility uses such a whitelist, please share this information with your IT staff so that they can make any necessary changes before the July 15 deadline. And if your facility doesn't use a whitelist or uses a whitelist of URLs, then you don't need to take any action at all.


Welcome to the Netsmart Plexus Cloud hosting environment! As we transition UDSmr's products to the NPC data centers, you'll still have access to UDSmr's trusted technical support department—the same support team you've always relied on when it comes to UDSmr's products. We'll bring you more relevant information and updates about the NPC hosting environment in the coming weeks and months, including information about how to access client support specific to the hosting environment once the move is complete. We'll also share more news with you about the exciting changes at UDSmr, so keep an eye on your inbox for communications from your partners at UDSmr, Netsmart, and McBee.


Thank you!

UDSmr and Netsmart Plexus Cloud