Rehabilitation Evaluation Software

Prior to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, inpatient providers had little involvement in post-discharge patient outcomes. However, the act’s focus on care coordination has led to the incentivizing of expanded provider accountability.

Managing that care coordination is made much easier when practitioners use rehab evaluation software offered by Uniform Data Services for Medical Rehabilitation. UDSMR offers several software options to help streamline service delivery and recordkeeping.


UDSMR Software Options & CapabilitiesElectronic Medical Records

UDS-PRO System—a comprehensive tool that combines patient assessment and outcomes management functionality with reimbursement.

WeeFIM II System Software—the most respected pediatric outcomes management tool on the market, it provides a simple, uniform construct that measures function in children.

LIFEware System Software—an outpatient outcome tracking and reporting system that documents functional outcomes achieved in a variety of outpatient settings.

We also offer AcuteFIM and AlphaFIM software to evaluate the functional status of patients as a way of predicting readmission.

Rehabilitation clinicians need concise assessment tools that produce reliable data for patient management. Our software helps you measure rehabilitation outcomes and organize payments. 

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