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Executive Council

Kathy Dann

Kathy Dann

Executive Director Emeritus

Kathy Dann joined UDSMR in 1992 in a technical role but soon crossed over to operations, becoming the company’s chief operating officer in 1997. In this role, Kathy was responsible for all business aspects of the organization. She assumed the roles of CEO and executive director in 2016, at which point UDSMR’s research and strategy responsibilities were added to her platter. As of July 1, 2020, Kathy became the Executive Director Emeritus.

Prior to joining UDSMR, Kathy had twenty years of experience in software creation and support, including management of a large segment of a midsized corporation. She earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Niagara University.

Pawl M. Wieczorek

Pawel M. Wieczorek

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Pawel Wieczorek has been with UDSMR since 1998. As of July 1, 2020, Pawel is UDSMR's chief executive officer. Pawel is responsible for all business aspects of the organization that include the company's research and strategy responsibilities.

As the company’s chief information officer, Pawel works with UDSMR’s executive committee to create global strategic plans for the organization's product lines, serves as UDSMR’s HIPAA compliance officer, and oversees the development, design, and implementation of new applications for proprietary UDSMR® software products. He also establishes and implements short-term and long-term goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures for UDSMR’s extensive IT department.

In addition, Pawel is UDSMR's chief operating officer. In this role, he provides day-to-day leadership for all higher-level aspects of the company, sets objectives and establishes success metrics for managers and staff, and works with other departments and team members to ensure the support of UDSMR’s mission, vision, values, and goals.

Pawel earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Canisius College.

Fran Hagerty

Fran Hagerty

Executive Vice President

Director of Marketing

Fran joined UDSMR in 1994 to launch and head the company’s new marketing department. Shortly after arriving, he also took over the IT department, a position he held for four years. Over the past two-plus decades, he has helped UDSMR develop and maintain an independent and objective industry presence in postacute care. He is also responsible for the creation of the current UDSMR logo.

In 2000, Fran also became the product manager for the UDS-PRO® System, a position he held until 2019. He led the development effort for the entire product, from naming the software to developing it to migrating the product to the web and on-demand reporting. The program’s market share has grown so much over the years that its subscribers now account for more than 80% of the market. Beginning in 2004, Fran chaired the UDS-PRO® Product Advisory Committee, a position he held for fifteen years.

In 2008, Fran became the product manager for the UDS-PRO Doc™ System, a position he held until July 2019.

Today, Fran serves as UDSMR’s executive vice president and director of marketing. In this role, he continues to work with key corporate customers and industry participants. He also mentors UDSMR staff. Fran has been a member of UDSMR's operations council since 2004 and a member of its executive committee since 2007.



Kathleen Conboy

Kathleen Conboy

Manager of Sales and Client Services

WeeFIM® Product Manager

FIM System® Product Manager

Kathleen Conboy is UDSMR’s manager of sales and client services, WeeFIM® product manager, and FIM System® product manager. In her various roles, she is responsible for overseeing UDSMR's customer support and retention strategies, sales messaging, international agreements, and special projects. Kathleen monitors industry trends and customer feedback and uses her expertise to develop strategies, direction, and plans for UDSMR's pediatric and SNF products.

Kathleen has been with UDSMR for twenty years and has over thirty years of healthcare experience. A native of Western New York, she received her MPA from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York.

Brigid Greenberg, PT, MHS

Brigid Greenberg, PT, MHS

Manager of Postdischarge Services and Appeals

Business Development Advisor

Brigid Greenberg is UDSMR’s manager of postdischarge services and appeals, as well as its business development advisor. She has over thirty years of experience in neurological rehabilitation, therapy services, and department-level, hospital-level, and corporate-level management in IRF and LTACH sectors, including experience as both a CEO and a vice president of rehabilitation services.

Brigid’s current responsibilities at UDSMR include overseeing the organization’s census and appeals services, representing IRFs at administrative law judge hearings, and providing consultations and education to postacute care facilities. She helps track, trend, and analyze IRF, hospital, and postacute care policy, as well as government compliance review activity. She is a frequent presenter on multiple industry topics, including census development, audits, appeals, operational metrics, and Medicare and Medicare Advantage regulations.

Carol Harper

Carol Harper

Manager of Education, Training, and Consultation

Carol Harper has been a member of UDSMR’s clinical team since December 2001. As manager of UDSMR’s Education, Training, and Consultation (ETC) department, she manages the clinical and coding services for all UDSMR® software products. Her IRF-focused clinical and coding responsibilities include overseeing chart audits and consultations, as well as developing presentations and webinars. Carol also manages the development of educational resources designed to help IRFs adjust to the ever-changing Medicare regulatory changes. In addition, she works closely with UDSMR’s software developers as part of the ongoing development of the QI credentialing system.

Carol helped develop and implement UDSMR’s remote coding services in 2016 and continues to help manage them, overseeing the benefits and quality these services provide to each participating facility.

Troy Hillman

Troy Hillman

Manager of the Analytical Services

Troy Hillman is the manager of the analytical services group (ASG) at UDSMR. In this role, Troy is primarily responsible for designing, implementing, and interpreting all UDSMR® reports. As UDSMR's government relations associate, Troy also analyzes and presents changes in Medicare payment and regulatory policy, monitors and responds to quality measure development and implementation, and coordinates information for use in government outreach.

Troy has over ten years of experience at UDSMR, as well as experience in the private health insurance and banking industries. At each organization, Troy has focused his efforts on business analytics and performance improvement opportunities.

Troy earned his bachelor's degree in applied mathematics from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 1999.

John Morris

John Morris

Manager of Information Technology

Security Officer

After honing his technical skills as a programmer/analyst, John Morris transitioned to IT leadership. Since 2002, he has led IT teams in implementing infrastructure, software development, call centers, and customer service efforts. He entered the healthcare IT field in 2009 and has applied the principles of leadership and IT service to that industry ever since.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, John holds degrees in computer science and applied mathematics.

Paulette Niewczyk

Paulette Niewczyk

Director of Research

Paulette Niewczyk has worked as a researcher in medically related fields for the past sixteen years. She joined UDSMR more than twelve years ago and currently serves as its director of research. During Paulette's tenure at UDSMR, she has conducted a number of retrospective studies examining the outcomes of medical rehabilitation, including the effectiveness and efficiency of patient care. She also has developed functional assessment instruments for use in acute and postacute care settings and has validated the psychometric properties of existing functional assessment instruments used in the rehabilitation field. In her role at UDSMR, Paulette has collaborated with and served as a consultant for a number of researchers from various institutions, including Harvard University School of Public Health; the University of California at Los Angeles; the University of Texas at Galveston; the University of Rochester; the Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente at Vallejo, California; Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; the University of Iowa; Unity Pointe Health; and Spaulding Rehabilitation. Additionally, she has served as a technical expert for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and as a measure developer for the National Quality Forum (NQF), as well as two terms as a member of the NQF Hospital Readmissions Standing Committee.

Terry Romance

Terry Romance

Software Development Manager

Terry Romance has been a member of the UDSMR team since 2003. In his role as software development manager, Terry oversees the many staff members who develop and maintain the websites and databases for UDSMR's various product lines. He also works as a part of the project planning team to make sure UDSMR's software meets industry requirements and the needs of its customers.

Terry moved into a career in IT after teaching at the college level for several years. He earned his bachelor's degree in mathematics from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, and his master's degree in mathematics from the State University of New York at Albany.

Natalie Scarcello

Natalie Scarcello

Manager of Administrative Services, Human Resources, and Accounting

Natalie Scarcello is the newest member of UDSMR’s management team. In her role as the manager of administrative services, human resources, and accounting, Natalie supports UDSMR's executive committee, directs the work of the accounting and administration departments, and performs HR services on behalf of the organization. Natalie collaborates with all members of the UDSMR team in order to ensure the support of UDSMR’s mission, vision, values, and goals.

Natalie earned her bachelor's degree in management science at SUNY Geneseo and her master's of business administration from St. Bonaventure University.

Tammy Schneider

Tammy Schneider

Product Manager

Tammy Schneider is the product manager for several of UDSMR’s product solutions, including the UDS-PRO® System and the UDS-PRO Doc™ System for inpatient rehabilitation, as well as the LIFEware® outpatient outcomes tracking system and the AlphaFIM® instrument, an acute care option currently used internationally.

Tammy began her career at UDSMR in December 2000 as a technical support analyst. In this role, she helped define a quality assurance team that she ultimately ended up leading as technical support and testing supervisor. This focus on quality assurance and coordination of projects culminated in a position as UDSMR's project manager for the last several years. In early 2019, Tammy took on the role of product manager for the UDS-PRO® System and the UDS-PRO Doc™ System. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing product development and strategies and for helping an expert team identify customer service opportunities and improve subscriber relations.

Tammy worked as a COTA prior to joining UDSMR, and she continues to be certified as such. She holds a bachelor’s degree in holistic theology and international certifications in pediatric massage therapy. She is grateful to UDSMR for allowing her to apply her clinical, customer service, testing, and management skills to the challenging world of rehabilitation for the last nineteen years!

Dan Zaccarine

Dan Zaccarine

Software Development Manager

Dan Zaccarine is a software development manager at UDSMR. In this role, Dan is responsible for managing the development, maintenance, and implementation of the UDS-PRO Doc­™ System, which is tightly integrated with the UDSPRO Central™ website. Dan collaborates with our subscribers on custom software requests and deployment of our software to their facilities. His expertise is a critical component of his supervising of a team of software designers and programmers.

Dan received his computer science degree from the University of Buffalo in 1994 and has over twenty-five years of experience in software development, from software programming to management of large software solutions and the management of the teams assembled to develop this software.



Tara Altenritter, OTR/L

Tara Altenritter, OTR/L

Clinical Technology Supervisor

Tara Altenritter, OTR/L, has worked in the field of inpatient rehabilitation for over twenty years. She began as a staff occupational therapist in an acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital; over time, she transitioned to roles as an admissions/PPS coordinator, a clinical IT liaison for IRF documentation development, and a part-time clinical consultant for UDSMR. Over the past ten years, Tara has worked full-time in UDSMR’s IT department as its clinical technology supervisor. In this role, she is the lead liaison between the IT and clinical groups for software development and testing. She also oversees UDS-PRO Doc™ System development, works to ensure that the software aligns with regulatory requirements, and manages facility implementations, including documentation customizations and staff training.

Tara has presented at multiple workshops and conferences on a variety of topics related to clinical documentation requirements and software enhancements.

Erin Duffey-Dupree, MS

Erin Duffey-Dupreé, MS

Clinical Support Supervisor

Erin Duffey-Dupreé, MS, has been with UDSMR since December 2005. As the clinical support supervisor of UDSMR’s Education, Training, and Consultation (ETC) department, Erin is primarily responsible for supervising ETC staff; participating in chart audits, presentations, and training efforts; developing workshops and webinars; answering clinical questions from subscribers; and performing other key clinical responsibilities. In addition, Erin is responsible for conducting a final review of all chart audit executive summaries and ETC presentations, and she serves as the backup to ETC’s manager when needed.

Prior to becoming a full-time employee at UDSMR, Erin worked in a large IRF setting as the PPS coordinator and a consultant for UDSMR. She has a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation and a master’s degree in health care management.

Karen Floriano

Karen Floriano

Assistant Manager of Sales and Client Services

Karen Floriano is the assistant manager of sales and client services at UDSMR. In this role, Karen oversees the customer service provided by UDSMR's client services and technical support staff. Beginning at implementation and continuing throughout each customer’s subscription, UDSMR's technical support and client services staff work closely with subscribers to increase their understanding of product features and services in order to maximize their subscription value and customer experience.

Karen has a passion for customer service and over twenty-five years of customer service expertise. She studied business psychology at the University of Iowa and has been with UDSMR for twenty-two years.

Mike Georgian

Mike Georgian

Project Manager

Supervisor of Software Product Testing

Mike Georgian is UDSMR’s project manager and supervisor of software product testing. In his role as project manager, Mike is responsible for planning and overseeing updates and changes to UDSMR's software and reports, including using his experience at UDSMR to contribute to the design of new software features. As supervisor of software product testing, Mike supervises the company's software testing staff and creates testing plans for each project.

Mike has been with UDSMR for almost fifteen years and has worked in software testing at UDSMR for over a decade.

Stephanie Johnson, CCS, AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM Trainer

Stephanie Johnson, CCS, AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM Trainer

HIM Coding Supervisor

Stephanie Johnson, CCS, is the HIM coding supervisor at UDSMR and a Certified Coding Specialist. Prior to working at UDSMR, Stephanie was a HIM manager and regional coding support for one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers specializing in rehabilitation. She was recruited for the role of corporate coding director for a healthcare corporation, where she managed HIM department managers for two rehabilitation facilities. Stephanie was then recruited by a privately owned rehabilitation organization to fill the role of VP of HIM/coding, where she successfully helped open four new freestanding facilities in Texas and Arizona. 

Stephanie has been with UDSMR since 2013 and now supervises the efforts of UDSMR's coding team to provide accurate ICD-10 coding information and education through workshops, chart audits, facility trainings, and educational resources. Stephanie helped develop and implement UDSMR’s remote coding outsourcing service in 2016 and is primarily responsible for supervising a team of coders that code the IRF-PAI and the UB-04 for subscribers.

Marjorie Manitone, PT

Marjorie Mantione, PT

Clinical Appeals Supervisor

Clinical Support Specialist

Clinical Implementation Specialist

Marjorie Mantione, PT, is the clinical appeals supervisor, a clinical support specialist, and a clinical implementation specialist at UDSMR. She supervises the daily operations of UDSMR’s appeals department in addition to reviewing cases, writing letters of appeal, preparing and representing inpatient rehabilitation facilities at the administrative law judge level of appeal, and submitting cases to the Medicare Appeals Council. She also provides on-site training for the UDS-PRO Doc™ System and conducts chart audits and workshops for UDSMR’s Education, Training, and Consultation (ETC) department.

Prior to joining UDSMR, Marjorie worked in a variety of clinical venues. She worked for eight years in utilization management for an HMO insurance company, where she developed and implemented a utilization management program for outpatient rehabilitation, home care, and SNFs. She later expanded the program through corporate regions, which involved reviewing cases for medical necessity, educating providers on commercial and Medicare criteria, and working directly with medical directors on quality assurance projects.

Bentina Szymanski

Benita Szymanski

Administrative Support Supervisor

Benita Szymanski is UDSMR’s administrative support supervisor. She and her group are responsible for providing support to the entire organization, from phone coverage to direct mailings, shipping, and print production. Benita provides executive administrative support to UDSMR's CEO and assists the company's HR manager with various tasks. She is also responsible for housekeeping and maintenance services at UDSMR's headquarters in Amherst, New York.

With more than thirty-five years of management experience in administration, sales, and marketing in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Benita brings a diverse background to UDSMR. She received her bachelor’s degree in business administration and liberal studies from Medaille College in Buffalo, New York.