About the WeeFIM II® System Click here for a product brochure
The WeeFIM II® System allows credentialed clinicians across the United States and around the world to measure and document functional performance in infants (0-3 years old), children, and adolescents with either acquired or congenital disease in a consistent manner. The WeeFIM® instrument is a reliable outcomes measurement instrument that can be applied uniformly across inpatient, outpatient, and community-based settings to track clinical, managerial, and performance improvement efforts and initiatives. The WeeFIM II® System is a benchmarked outcomes management system that provides a method of evaluating outcomes for patients, groups of patients (population-based), and overall medical rehabilitation/habilitation programs.

The WeeFIM® instrument was developed to measure the need for assistance and the severity of disability in children between the ages of 6 months and 7 years. The WeeFIM® instrument may be used with children above the age of 7 years as long as their functional abilities, as measured by the WeeFIM® instrument, are below those expected of children aged 7 who do not have disabilities. The WeeFIM® instrument consists of a minimal data set of 18 items that measure functional performance in three domains: self-care, mobility, and cognition. The WeeFIM® Instrument: 0-3 Module is a questionnaire that measures precursors to function in children 0-3 years old who have a variety of disabilities. The 0-3 module can be administered to parents by interview or self-report and is useful across many settings, including early intervention and preschool.

WeeFIM II® System features:
  • “Any time, anywhere” data input from any Internet-connected PC
  • On-line data submission eliminates the need to send data by courier or FTP
  • Recalibrated age-based norms provide comparisons to children without disability below 7 years
  • Measures resource utilization in units of service
  • Enhanced report writer allows subscribers to use templates to create on-site reports that facilitate outcomes analysis and program functions
  • Robust and flexible database program allows a facility to expand its internal tracking of patients and systems for both inpatient and outpatient modules
  • Data tracks medical issues, demographics, patient satisfaction, and payer information
  • Custom fields expand the system’s capabilities
  • Real-time facility reports, available immediately after data input
  • Task scheduler schedules assessments and facilitates task assignments
  • Dynamic export feature allows subscribers to export data to spreadsheet applications and to create reports for their own needs
  • Expanded admission classes